Not Quite an Apocalypse Anymore update:8/25/20:

Bridges are going out the door again… The waiting list is waiting patiently and I am currently working through late July and August inquiries with a handful of bridges heading out the door each week.   

Due to a supplier backlog, carbon fiber poles are nearly out of stock with no expected resupply date.  This may require cancelation of ‘Happy Medium’ orders until resolved.

All Bridges are sold out. 

Feel free to send inquiries in as normal but expect a slower response time from yer ol pal Just Bill.   For those not used to how I do things- I don’t take your orders (money) like other vendors when I am sold out.  I only take your name.  You go on a waiting list for the product you would like to receive.   When I build a batch of that product- then I start at the top of the waiting list and offer you a chance to purchase a finished product.  I do not take your money or hold it for weeks on end or accept deposits.   So feel free to ‘place your order’ by joining the waiting list.

Hang in there! 

PPE- Mask comment- A few asked me about buying masks.  I don’t do this for a living like some of my fellow cottage vendors do.  I have a dayjob and all masks I make are being donated to local folks out of the kindness of my rotten heart.  Point being; I don’t need the work nor do I have any employees here to keep working.  In fact I’d love to get back to sewing hammocks as soon as the need locally dies down.  BUT- there are some other cottage vendors out there who do need your support.  So if you are looking for masks for yourself, your family, or even your company PLEASE do support those cottage vendors or other home sewers who do need the work.  Say thankee kindly fer thinking of yer ol pal Bill, but say thankya to the other vendors who are cranking out large volumes of PPE and trying hard to keep the small business they worked so hard to build going by sending your PPE orders their way.

 CHECK YOUR JUNK EMAIL PLEASE.  Spam Filters seem to be more aggressive lately and I find most of my replies to you get blocked.  I always reply.

Note: current pricing on bridges is listed on the Bridge Lineup Page.  Just Bill is too busy sewing to play with the website so WHEN you don’t find what you want shoot him an email. 


“To many a city man there comes a time when the great town wearies him. He hates its sights and smells and clangor. Every duty is a task and every caller is a bore. There come visions of green fields and far-rolling hills, of tall forests and cool, swift-flowing streams.”  Horace Kephart, ‘Camping and Woodcraft’ 1917 edition.


Yar the name on the door is mine.  Town’s End Outdoors.

Just Bill on the trail, or just Bill if you like.  Bill Townsend if’n yer feeling specific; hence the name on the door.  The job I’ve always loved has been helping folks get out into the woods. Didn’t matter if your kiddo was heading off to summer camp or you were planning a speed hike. I just like seeing folks get out.

When folks ask me “Whataya’do?”
I tell em “I build things, and I help folks”.

But enough about me.

This gear’s for you. I mean it. That’s why I choose the address that brought you to my door. I make stuff I’d use, stuff you might not find elsewhere, and things I don’t use that might make things better for you. And if something I sell ain’t fer you… most likely I’ll tell you so and send you somewhere else. So take a look around. If this gear is for you I’ll be happy to help you out. And if not… so long as I see you out in the woods then we’re all happy campers.

Get outta town!

Just Bill