This gear is for you, right?

For some of you, ‘one size fits most’ means most everyone else. Age, weight, or just getting beat down by father time… that pad on the ground no longer does the job. Hammocks can be a nice solution… but you’ve tried longer, wider, heavier. You got some relief but it didn’t do the job.

Bridge hammocks are a place folks head when they want a flatter lay, less fiddling, and the ability to sleep on their side. They present a solid solution for many, but one size still fits most. You might be too tall, have shoulders too broad, or simply weigh too much to get that flat lay others enjoy.

A hammock forum member named Mark reached out and asked a question others had been asking; Why can’t anyone build this? Is there a solution for those who are not ‘most’? Who have back, knee, or neck injuries. Who have broad shoulders, or shoulder injuries that force them to sleep on one side. Most important of all, can a Big Guy get a good nights sleep and get back out in the woods?

Of course they could, others had done it. It’s easy enough to build something bigger. You can overbuild it, but if you can’t pack it up and carry it why bother? What’s hard is building something that worked more than a dozen times. That didn’t snap poles, tear fabric, split seams or wear out. That didn’t make you so nervous to use it you have to get out just to fart. There was a reason this product was not on the market.

So we tried it my way. The ultralight guy who builds the lightest bridge in the world set out to build the biggest. Mark broke one, but not two. Then others joined in to test, first five, then ten, then forty.
Thirty, sixty, ninety nights of testing passed. Tinkering and tuning of each small batch improved it. Some testers swore off their beds, sleeping full time in their Big Guy Bridges and racking up over 180 nights and counting of continuous use.

Big Guys know the problem with stuff that’s just scaled up rather than designed from scratch… the real question was always; Could someone build a big bridge that you could trust to do the job for a over one hundred nights?

It took nearly two years, it took a lot of time and money. I can cut and sew a gathered end hammock in thirty minutes or less. These take me a full day to build a single Big Guy Bridge. Dozens of steps, careful design, and labor intensive construction methods. Over fifty feet of precision spliced Amsteel suspension goes into each one. Because simply stitching up a bigger version of one size fits most wouldn’t do the job.

If you read the first page you read why I started this company; “I build things and I help folks”
I’m not a big guy. I didn’t need this bridge, it’s not gear I would use. It’s not gear that most will use.

But that’s not the point. The point is to get you out into the woods. One of the most rewarding things I’ve done is to help make this bridge happen. To hear testers say they were back in the woods. To hear the personal stories…

You may not be most, but if the Big Guy Bridge does the job for you, it means a lot to me to tell you truly; That this gear is for you!