Town’s End Bridge Hammocks-2018

Extremely limited production- not recommended for purchase. Seriously.
The original XUL Micro- 9.50 ounces (no longer available)
Production Micro- 10.25 ounces- no suggested weight limit.
Both with Robic 1.0 and aluminum poles.

Happy Medium-
Still larger than others but with all the features of the larger models in a more balanced size for the average hiker.

Happy Medium UL- Suggested weight limit 175lbs.
Hybrid 1.2 with Dynaglide- 12.25 ounces
Hybrid 1.3 with Amsteel- 13.1 ounces
Includes Carbon Fiber Poles standard.

Happy Medium- Suggested weight limit 200 lbs, tested to 225lbs.
Hybrid 1.7 with Amsteel- 17 ounces
Includes Carbon Fiber Poles standard.

Just a Bridge- In testing.
Not everyone needs the complicated features and structure of the recessed bar bridges we offer. This simple design has been updated with some of the tricks to increase comfort while keeping costs down. A unique construction method brings a Town’s End twist to the classic bridge.

The largest commercial bridges available delivering unparalleled comfort and load bearing capacity, while retaining a reasonable trail weight.

Luxury Bridge- Suggested weight limit 250lbs, Approx. 1lb 10 ounces.
Hybrid 1.7 Single layer for those looking for the most comfortable bridge available.

Big Guy Bridge – Suggested weight limit 350+, Approx. 2lbs 4 ounces
Hybrid 1.7 Double layer- the only bridge hammock in the world capable of carrying more than 250 pounds.

With 3/4″ Easton Aluminum poles included.

Carbon Fiber upgrade available for Luxury Bridge only.
Can be used for lightweight comfort at about 21 ounces for those right around 200lbs or under (limited testing to 225lbs).

Mountain Hanger- upcoming prototype.
TBD- 120% larger version of the Big Boy… possible double person hammock with .875″ Easton Military Spec Poles.


Just a Bug Net:
A simple “Fronkey Style” bottom entry bug net designed to fit the Happy Medium, Luxury or Big Guy Models. Fully removable and simple design.

Carbon Fiber Spreader Bars-
Replacements or upgrades available depending on the model. No carbon fiber poles available for the Big Guy Bridge at this time. Available in half sets as well for pairing with Harmony Poles.

Harmony Poles-
Trekking poles with true bridge hammock conversion- designed to pair with many of our hammocks to replace spreader bars. Developed in partnership with one of the leaders in UL Carbon Fiber for outdoor use, these poles are not simple conversions… but true bridge poles that pair harmoniously for true weight savings with no loss of function.
Manufactured by Ruta Locura