Hey Bill… how do I buy stuff?

Fer now, you shoot me an email at JUSTBILL @ THISGEARSFORYOU dot COM  Please make sure you check your junk box, as being a little guy with a no name website, odds are good that’s where my response will end up.  Please manually type it in as that will help prevent my reply from being blocked. As of the new year, spam filters have been more aggressively blocking my replies to you.

I’m a cottage vendor with a shop in my basement.  This isn’t my full time job and I understand that your money means just as much to you as my money means to me.  At this time I don’t have a production schedule and I don’t feel it’s right to charge you for product if I can’t say for sure when it will arrive.  I don’t build custom gear either.  What I do is focus on building gear in small production batches of five to twenty so I can remain as productive as possible.  Doing the work this way lets me keep costs down for everyone.

So if there is a piece of gear you’d like for your own; send me an email and I can let you know if a batch is coming up or even one sitting on the shelf ready to ship.   I won’t take a deposit or charge you until your gear is ready to ship.  If I can’t take care of the order right away, I’ll add your name to the waiting list for the next available batch.   As each run of product is completed I’ll reach out to those on the list and fulfill the order.

I use a commercial PayPal account for processing your payment.   When we are ready to rock then I will send you an invoice.   If you have a PayPal account you’d like to use, then provide the email and save a step.   If not; the invoice will be sent to the email you contact me with.   No matter how you get it; the choice of payment is yours.  Credit/debit or paypal funds is your call and I don’t touch or see any of your information.    None of that ‘friends and family junk’ here.  We can all be friends and family around the campfire, but on the internet when real money is involved lets handle it proper and not play games.  PayPal covers us both so neither of us are stuck holding the bag.

So long as you are in the CONUS… shipping is included.  So are the transaction fees.  So no unexpected BS when you go to check out.   Screw that.   If you are an Alaskan, Hawaiian, or international customer then you pay the difference for the shipping.  Any VAT or import fees are your problem to handle.  So when you get a price from me… that’s the price you pay.