Hey Bill… how do I buy stuff?

Fer now, you shoot me an email at JUSTBILL @ THISGEARSFORYOU dot COM  

Please make sure you check your junk box, as being a little guy with a no name website, odds are good that’s where my response will end up.  You will get a ‘just bill’ or ‘towns-end’ email in response- so check for both.  I ALWAYS respond.

I’m a cottage vendor with a shop in my basement.  This isn’t my full time job and I understand that your money means just as much to you as my money means to me.  At this time I don’t have a production schedule and I don’t feel it’s right to charge you for product if I can’t say for sure when it will arrive.  I don’t build custom gear either.  What I do is focus on building gear in small production batches of five to twenty so I can remain as productive as possible.  Doing the work this way lets me keep costs down for everyone.

I also like to check in with you when you order.   My website is crappy, bridges are confusing, and we all get mixed up.   By communicating with me directly- we can make sure you are getting what you want.   This cuts out shopping cart mis-clicks, frustrating exchanges, returns, or most importantly; excessive symptoms of extreme butthurt commonly found in many online transactions.

ORDERS-(Or Questions)

If there is a piece of gear you’d like for your own; send me an email and I can let you know if a batch is coming up or even one sitting on the shelf ready to ship.  If I can’t take care of the order right away, I’ll add your name to the waiting list for the next available batch.   As each run of product is completed I’ll reach out to those on the list and fulfill the order.


Nope.   I don’t want your money.   I either have something to sell or I don’t.   If you’re on the waiting list- I’ll reach out and tell you when you’re not anymore and you can pay for the gear then.   If something comes up on your end or my end along the way and you don’t buy my gear… we just wasted a few emails… no hard feelings.


I use a Commercial PayPal account for processing your payment.   When we are ready to rock then I will send you an invoice. You don’t need a paypal account to use this service.  If you have a PayPal account you’d like to use, then provide the email and save a step.   If not; the invoice will be sent to the email you contact me with.   No matter how you get it; the choice of payment is yours.  Credit/debit or paypal funds is your call and I don’t touch or see any of your information.    None of that ‘friends and family junk’ here.  We can all be friends and family around the campfire, but on the internet when real money is involved lets handle it proper and not play games.  PayPal covers us both so neither of us are stuck holding the bag.


We don’t sell it here.   You pick a product.   If it has an add-on option- it has a cost.   If it doesn’t have a cost- it’s included.  At no point in the transaction should you find yourself trying to sort out how your $300 piece of gear ended up costing you $351.69 when it came time to punch in your credit card information.  There are no payment fees, credit card processing, taxes, handling, hidden costs, extra this, plus some of that, multiplied by what? and a little something extra just because you spent so long getting to checkout that you’re too exhausted to fight about the last five bucks that got snuck in at the end.

If you live CONUS- you’re good.  If you don’t- you pay the ACTUAL cost of shipping.  Not a guess, not based on a magical scale that factors in a six pack of beer for me.  Here’s the details:

SHIPPING-CONUS (Continental United States)

So long as you are in the CONUS… shipping is included via USPS Priority Mail.   Tracking numbers available after shipment.   At this time USPS does the best job of handling the difficult to ship spreader bars of the bridge hammocks.

If you require something special, there may be a special charge.   Faster than Priority shipping is big $$$$$.


If you are an Alaskan, Hawaiian, or international customer then you pay the difference for the shipping.  I will apply a $15 credit towards the actual cost of shipping (the free shipping above).  Typically you will get two invoices- gear, then shipping.  (ACTUAL COST- less credit= shipping invoice).

Any VAT, duties, or import fees are your problem to handle.  Excess customs or paperwork may incur an additional $25 charge, but I’ll let you know that before you order.   So when you get a price from me… that’s the price you pay.

FWIW- many international customers use a shipping service with a US address to bundle, pack and export things… seems like a good way to go if you’re buying more than one thing from the USA.


Shipping to China and others at my discretion-  Sorry- I don’t do it.   Quite frankly- too many sewn goods products are copied and resold to justify the risk.   Nothing political or personal- just business.   We’re all humans on planet Earth in my book, unfortunately not everyone is a good neighbor.