“Hey Bill, why is there no logo on your gear?”

As fer as I can tell, when you agreed to buy my gear, I agreed to sell it.  I’m no legal expert but it appears that we entered into a fairly simple transaction of trading goods for payment.  There were no promotional agreements, sponsorship contracts, appearance waivers, or even a discount for you to lug my logo around for free.  Now if I was interested in selling billboards then I probably should buy some to rent out to you…fer now though, guess I’ll stick with gear.

This gear is for you.  It’s yours.  Feel free to tell folks who you bought it from if you like, word of mouth advertising is always the best.  Tell ’em you made it yourself if you like.  Or spend your time looking at the stars instead of talking about who made the quilt you’re stargazing in.

I got your money, you got your gear.  Seems about right to me.

“Sounds good, but seeing as this is the internet, you’re a new company and quite frankly a little weird Bill; what about returns, exchanges and warrantee?”

No hard feelings…  here’s my fair deal returns and exchange policy 

“Can I come see you someplace?  It’s really hard to test a hammock online.”

Not really, unless I come see you at a group hang… which doesn’t happen much these days as somebody has to sew this stuff.  I am in Northwest Indiana and do have a sewing shop there, though it is not a public (retail) space- it’s my house.

Hammock folks are friendly folks… many of my testers and customers are willing to meetup and show things off.  But if all else fails then we deal with the perils of the internet age and cover returns.

“Hey Bill, where can I get some stickers? or Merch?”

You can’t.   I make gear for the outdoors, as in the planet we all live on.   I don’t print litter or believe in filling landfills with junk.  Since I’m not an influencer with no tangible goods to sell;  I don’t need to slap my name on crappy mass produced stuff to pay the bills.   I appreciate the thought, enthusiasm and support.  If you simply want to help- use your gear in front of people or post it on social media.  When they ask about your gear- tell them about it.   No trees chopped down or holes packed with trash and ironically- wildly more effective than a sticker or t-shirt.

“Hey Bill, where can I place my custom order?”

You’re free to ask, but generally speaking we don’t build any custom order gear.   On the rare occasion we do; it’s typically a minor variation on something we offer to meet a specific need that happens to work out just right.   Print to fabric tech is really cool and it might be true that your favorite color is lime green and aqua blue… but at this time you’re probably going to have to go elsewhere fer that sorta stuff.