“Hey Bill, why is there no logo on your gear?”

As fer as I can tell, when you agreed to buy my gear, I agreed to sell it.  I’m no legal expert but it appears that we entered into a fairly simple transaction of trading goods for payment.  There were no promotional agreements, sponsorship contracts, appearance waivers, or even a discount for you to lug my logo around for free.  Now if I was interested in selling billboards then I probably should buy some to rent out to you…fer now though, guess I’ll stick with gear.

This gear is for you.  It’s yours.  Feel free to tell folks who you bought it from if you like, word of mouth advertising is always the best.  Tell ’em you made it yourself if you like.  Or spend your time looking at the stars instead of talking about who made the quilt you’re stargazing in.

I got your money, you got your gear.  Seems about right to me.

“Sounds good, but seeing as you’re a new company and a little weird Bill; what about returns, exchanges and warrantee?”

No hard feelings…  here’s my fair deal returns and exchange policy 

“Hey Bill, no storage sack and no stuff sack with the quilts?”

Nope.  Just what you need.  From a business standpoint, I could charge you $10 more and include them for “free”, but that sure seems like a waste of time to me.

Not to tell you how to pack yer pack, but from a scientific (not a scientology) point of view; when you compress synthetic fills too tightly they will to wear faster.  The best way to carry your quilt is loosely stuffed into your pack or bag to fill nooks and crannies and stabilize the load.  If you happen to like using a stuff sack, lean more towards the sack and less towards the stuff.  Keep it a bit loose and don’t ever use a compression sack on a synthetic fill bag- mine, yours, or anybody else’s.

For at home storage- I like to slip a hanger into the foot end, pull the cord, and hang it in the closet.  If that don’t work right for ya, an old pillow case will do the job.  So will uncovered and laid under your bed.

“Yer quilt is just black, like really just black?  But my favorite color is…”

Sorry, nother one of them frugal business choices to keep things affordable for each of us.

Sure some of us really do love that honeydew grass and it might sell like hotcakes (sorry hotcakes has been discontinued this season), but unfortunately the sunshine wheat and monkey butt red will probably sit on the shelf so I’d have to charge for all three colors and dump the costs into all the products to stay in business.  Or I could just do black.  And the market is pretty darn saturated with fine folks who will make you a custom piece in any color you choose- I’ll point you to em if needed.

Maybe that’s a deal breaker for you, maybe one day I’ll carry more colors.

One thing is fer certain; at night, they are all the same color.  After all- It’s just a quilt.

“Can I come see you someplace?  It’s really hard to test a hammock online.”

Not really, unless I come see you at a group hang… which doesn’t happen much these days as somebody has to sew this stuff.  I am in Northwest Indiana and do have a sewing shop there, though it is not a public (retail) space.

Hammock folks are friendly folks… many of my testers and customers are willing to meetup and show things off.  But if all else fails then we deal with the perils of the internet age and cover returns.