Here at Town’s End I like to keep it in the family when it comes to our business.  If I can get something from the hiking community then that’s where my dollars and efforts go.  Support the folks who do what you love, and you’ll love what you do.


Here’s a few folks who I’ve had the good fortune to swap some off trail magic with.


Ripstop by the Roll-

Kyle is my main fabric supplier, mainly because instead of simply selling stuff he tries stuff.  He’s constantly bringing new fabrics to market and pushing the limits for anyone with an itch to make their own gear.


TrailGroove Magazine-

Aaron founded a great magazine for all of us who love the outdoors.  In fact it’s so good it can be hard to finish it without walking out the door to get outside.  Stop by and check it out.


The Trail Show-

I’ve been a fan of this show for some time, Disco, POD, Mags and D-Low are all Belgian Tripel drinkers and triple crowners.  When I sent in some beer and books to the show to say thanks for the free entertainment they thanked me right back with a generous review of my book.  May they always find their packs filled with more beer and less gear.


Paul Magnanti-

When I needed some fact checking for my lies about a trip to Colorado, Mags was there to help.  That and he’s really tall.  When it came time to get a website running and some quality photos he was my first choice.