Once in a great while all the aspects of walking come together, and then I have an hour or a day when I simply glide along, seemingly expending no energy.  When this happens, distance melts under my feet, and I feel as though I could stride on forever.  I can’t force such moments and I don’t know where they come from, but the more I walk, the more often they happen.  Not surprisingly, they occur most often on really long treks.  On these days, I’ve walked for five hours and twelve miles and more without a break, yet with such little effort that I don’t realize how long and how far I’ve traveled until I finally stop.  I never feel any effects afterward either, except perhaps, a greater feeling of well-being and contentment.

Chris Townsend, The Backpackers’s Handbook


It’s my belief that what you take shouldn’t be a pile of stuff from a checklist.  We all start that way, but eventually I like to think we’re all looking for a little more.  Turn of the last century tramps like Nessmuk and Horace Kephart saw things this way.  Like them, once more we’re starting to call our collective set of gear a kit.  A system of parts and pieces that works together, blurring the lines and categories to become a true system that serves your needs.


The goal of the Harmony series is as simple as its name; to bring efficiency to your kit, simplicity to your time in the woods, and harmony to your travels.




Products in the Harmony Series:

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