Just a Bridge- V5 released to production as of 10/2/23!

Just a Covered Bridge (netted) version is still in development with no pending release date scheduled.

More pictures and information to come… my pal Mark jumped the gun and kindly shared a review so I done slapped up some basic information real quicklike.

What is it?   A new twist on the classic end bar bridge for those of you looking for a simple solution or a truly *FU(L)* bridge!

**(Functional Ultra-Light)

This is a bridge built for those folks who struggle a little with a gathered end and need a simple solution to bust calf ridge, reduce finicky setup gripes, kill off ankle or neck kinks and allow a more generous array of sleep positions without getting twisted up.  Most importantly… the whole bridge is a ‘sweet spot’ so you don’t need to pull out your protractor to find just the correct lay angle or debate which way your head goes when you left lay vs right lay.   Just lay down and sleep, or roll over if’n it suits ya.

The Structural Ridgeline allows you to dial in your preferred comfort and more easily repeat that setup night after night.   Works well with a sleeping pad, standard underquilt, or dedicated bridge quilts with minor adjustments.   By adjusting the ridgeline you can also easily tune the bridge to work with various pad thicknesses without feeling that typical ‘tippy’ side effect from putting in a todays most commonly used thicker air pads.

Less edge bite than the others thanks to an original ‘Soft Edge’ quadruple stitched 1″ UHWMPE premium webbing along the edges so that you can rest that curled up knee on the edge without it digging into your kneecaps.   Symmetrical poles result in more stability, no ankle squeeze and at roughly 7′ of usable bedspace you’ve got a few more sweet spots to use as you shift your way up and down the bridge.

225lb user weight or less is ideal. This is not for those of you over 250lbs!

Price- $215 with DAC aluminum spreaders or $265 with Carbon Fiber spreader bars.

Simple specs-   6 ounce (5.6 ounce average) bridge body, dogbones, and adjustable structural ridgeline.

Fabric- Mountain Hybrid 1.2 ounce (only option) with a unique ‘soft edge’ webbing.   Colors per Town’s End production, no custom orders.

Dogbones- Dynaglide (orange and green) with reversable loops to work with or without a bridge button type product.  (1.5″ loop on one end for direct pole attachment, 2″ loop on the other end for buttons)  Dogbones are direct girth hitched into the suspension.

SOFT EDGE!- A Town’s End innovation in testing for over three years.  1″ Wide Venom UHWMPE webbing is quadruple stitched in a unique way to reduce edge pinch and finishes at each end to provide both dogbone and underquilt attachment in one monolithic piece along each end to increase durability.

Spreader bars- 36″ symmetrical end bar bridge  (poles are the same size, two pieces each, 20″ long in your pack and go at the ends or outside of the bridge body).

DAC poles- 7.75 ounces= 13.75 ounces total (before suspension)

Carbon Fiber- 5.5 ounces= 11.5 ounce total (before suspension)

To the best of our knowledge… this is the lightest full size bridge hammock on the market by a decent bit.

And for you crazy folks, speed hikers or even FKT attempts… pair Just a Bridge with Harmony Trekking poles for an 8.5 ounce bridge hammock!

Want to trick things out? 

Not included in the weights above are a few options.

Included with your bridge are a ‘quilt kit’ (10g), Pick me UP (15g), and continuous loop for ‘the chair trick (1.5g)’.

An optional zippered pole/storage bag can be added for $20 and 20g more.

Need some suspension components?

With bridge purchase we offer the following options:

Camp Nano 22 color matched carabiners- pair- $14 (44g total)

Dynaglide soft shackels- pair- $14 (6g total)

The soft shackles work best for becket hitch or beetlebuckle suspensions (or to save weight).    Carabiners are easy piesy and work great with other suspensions.

We also sell a basic tree hugger and whoopie sling set for $25 at 3.8 ounces for a pair.

We sell an UL tree hugger and dynaglide whoopie sling set for $35 at 43 grams.

We have some limited UL webbings for becket style suspensions too- email for details.