To be free, unbeholden, irresponsible for the nonce!  Free to go or come at one’s own sweet will, to tarry where he lists, to do this, or do that, or do nothing as the humor veers; and for the hours, “It shall be what o’clock I say it is!”

Thus basking and sporting in the great clean out-of-doors, one could, for the blessed interval,

Forget six counties overhung with smoke,

Forget the snorting steam and piston-stroke,

Forget the spreading of the hideous town.

Horace Kephart


Fabric is relatively cheap.  If you mean to make money sewing stuff you better plan on dumping scrap on the floor and cutting efficiently.  But last I looked this was an outdoor recreation company… and not much point in having one of those if there ain’t no outdoors to recreate in when you get outta town.


So whenever possible, rather than dump that pile of scrap on the floor or ignore that dead space left over on the pattern layout… I see if there is something that can be done about it.  Sometimes it’s easy; I take strips and turn them into webbing when I need a tab.  I use colored scraps of fabric on my bug nets, add pockets to my bridge or make a funky looking stuff sack because that’s what ends up on the table when the cutting is done.


Somethings you’ll see are versions of a virgin product, like my Primaloft Gold Hats.  Maybe all the quilting doesn’t quite line up on the scrapper version, but it works the same and it didn’t go in the junk bin just because it wasn’t perfect.  And after I cut hats from quilt scraps I’m left with another pile of trimmings… a smaller pile but still a pile.  So sometimes I create a product just to use the scraps… and next thing you know I’m selling a scrappy pillow filled with all the trimmings.


It takes a little labor to turn scraps into gear.  Sewing a hat or a pillow has some labor costs even if the material is ‘free’.   Sometimes I even dig through some of my vendors bins and pull out their cutoffs and remnants and burn those up too.  The main goal is to avoid waste in the first place, so the scrapper series may come and go.


But whenever we got enough to put one together; I hope you’ll consider a scraping up a little for a scrapper.


Scrapper Series Products:


Just a Hat- scrapper edition.


Just a pillow- scrapper edition.


Just a sack- scrapper edition.