“The same article that one declares is most essential to his comfort, health, and happiness is the very first thing that another will throw into the trail.  A man’s outfit is a matter which seem as to touch his private honor.  I have heard veterans sitting around a camp-fire proclaim the superiority of their kits with a jealousy, loyalty and enthusiasm they would not exhibit for the flesh of their flesh and the bone of their bone.  On a campaign you may attack a man’s courage, the flag he serves, the newspaper for which he works, his intelligence, or his camp manners, and he will ignore you; but if you criticize his patent water-bottle he will fall upon you with both fists.”   Richard Harding Davis


Sometimes just good isn’t good enough.  Sometimes your goals are specific.  Sometimes harmony comes only from playing just the right note, at just the right time.  Quite simply, some pieces of gear just don’t have broad appeal, or in attempting to give them broader appeal you water down their purpose.  But that don’t mean they shouldn’t see the light of day.


The rest of my gear is meant for everyone, but a few pieces of kit are really only meant for a few.

When you got a specific job to do, you need a specialist.


Products in the specialist series-

FKT quilt- 45* PLG quilt with WPB shell

Big Boy Bridge

Luxury Bridge

Micro Bridge